Saturday, March 21, 2009

A visit to the beach

[Photo: ducks, Woodbine Park.]Last Wednesday the weather was so nice that my son and I decided to visit the Beaches. A couple of ducks were out enjoying the spring weather as well.

We heard red-winged blackbirds calling, but couldn't get a good look at them (or photo) unfortunately.

[Photo: the beach at Ashbridges Bay Park.]At the beach at Ashbridges Bay Park, Nicky raced over to the huge rocks on the right and gave me heart attacks frolicking gaily on them like a mountain goat. Okay, so I'm a worrywart. He was disappointed that I wasn't jumping around on them myself.

[Photo: marsh-themed splashpad at Woodbine Park.]On our way home, we stopped to admire the marsh-themed splash pad at Woodbine Park. I think they did a wonderful job designing this splash pad; it at least remains decorative, if not functional, all year round. So many of Toronto's splashpads just look forlorn in the cold months.

[Photo: Nicky poses with frog at Woodbine Park.]Nicky and I were really taken by this beautiful frog, painted by Leanne Wildermuth (be sure to check out all of the beautiful artwork at her site).

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  1. Nice to see that all the snow has gone! I enjoy seeing photos of home while vacationing in the southwest! Boy oh boy you would be a mess if your son climbed some of the rocks I've been on here in the desert! Many families here go hiking!sending sunshine..NG


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