Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden bloggers' "Bloom" Day

I just found out yesterday about the Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day tradition. Unfortunately, the only outdoor blooms I have seen in Toronto this year are those snowdrops on Woodbine that I've already posted about twice. So here are the closest approximations to blooms in my (landlords') garden today:

Left: rosehips.
Centre, top: Hibiscus syriacus seed pods.
Centre, bottom: New York aster puffs (Symphyotrichum novi-belgii 'Believer').
Right: creepy bellflower seeds (Campanula rapunculoides).


  1. Welcome to bloom day! There is another northern gardener who has fun and shows a photo of a plastic plant that she has moved around her garden! I love your Bloom Day show! gail

  2. This was my first time participating in Bloom Day too. Spring may not have arrived in Toronto yet, but it'll be there soon!

  3. I'm in a colder climate too - only a few more week and it'll be spring soon!

  4. Love the blooms ;-> It's really not just about blooms, but about what makes your heart sing (maybe in hope). Happy bloom day!


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