Sunday, June 28, 2009

Viburnum trilobum foliage

[Photo: foliage of Viburnum trilobum.]Viburnum trilobum, known in English as "highbush cranberry", "American cranberry bush", or "American cranberry viburnum", and in French as viorne trilobée, viorne pimbina, or pimbina, is a decidious shrub native to southern Canada and the northern United States. Although called a cranberry, it is not a true cranberry. (True cranberries are in the genus Vaccinum, like blueberries). Still, the highbush cranberries fruit look and taste similar to the real thing.

As you can see, I missed the prime flowering season. (This page has a good photo of a full corymb of flowers, as well as photos of the berries and fall colour).

The pretty flowers in spring, attractive maple-like foliage (click photo for a better look), fall colour, and edible berries, make this an appealing native shrub.

I photographed this plant at Purdon Conservation Area.

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  1. Hello, Rosemari; long I your BLOG is very nice I love the flowers and plants, sometimes I feedback from Google-whereby me canvassers with tigo - translator wanted entendieras, what you say, without the problem of language, which today with these media, to ceased to be a divisionista reason. A greeting from Spain.


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