Saturday, June 6, 2009

Osmunda regalis

[Photo: Osmunda regalis.]Osmunda regalis, known in English as "royal fern" or "flowering fern" and in French as osmonde royale, fougère royale or fougère fleurie, is a beautiful fern native to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. (The name "flowering fern" refers to the appearance of the fertile fronds, not actual flowers.)

I found this beautiful plant growing wild in a local ravine; unfortunately it was out of reach so I couldn't pull the garlic mustard growing through it.


  1. Royal fern is very regal, and I wish I could grow it.

    Grrrrr, garlic mustard!

    By the way, Sarah recently found me a couple of Herb Robert, now safely tucked into appropriate corners of the garden. Hope he stays.

  2. Tienes una fotos, muy bonitas, te e robado alguna, para contemplarla en mi galería.


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