Monday, June 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, June 2009

It's time for another Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, hosted by Carol of May Dreams Gardens.

I'm still feeling like not enough is in bloom yet. I was pleasantly surprised when I counted how many different kinds of blooms there actually are. [Photo: Paeonia lactiflora.]Paeonia lactiflora has just started blooming in the front garden.

[Photo: Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue'.]A recent acquisition for the front garden: Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue'.

[Photo: Primula hybrida.]The Primula hybrida that my landlord got as a potted plant early in the spring has started forgiving me for transplanting it for the garden. I wasn't expecting any more blooms until next year.

[Photo: Allium roseum.]Last year's Allium roseum came back. I'm not sure what the pink buds in the background are. It looks like a snapdragon but if so I don't know where it could have come from.

[Photo: Dicentra spectabilis.]The bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) is on its way out, alas.

[Photo: Calibrachoa.]This year my landlord chose a rainbow of Calibrachoa for the front urn.

[Photo: Viola x wittrockiana 'Delta Pure Rose'.]I love pink(ish) pansies. This one is Viola x wittrockiana 'Delta Pure Rose'.

[Photo: bright pink petunias and white verbena.]My landlord gets bright pink petunias every year. This year they share their basket with white verbena.

[Photo: light pink petunias.]My landlord's son chose these pretty light pink petunias for the half barrel planter.

[Photo: Petunia 'Saguna Lavender Vein'.]The light pink petunias share their planter with this pretty lavender variety... ('Saguna Lavender Vein')

[Photo: Petunia 'Famous New White'.]...and these white petunias ('Famous New White'). I must remember to check if they're fragrant.

[Photo: Tagetes tenuifolia 'Lulu'.]The marigolds I started from seed are thriving! (Tagetes tenuifolia 'Lulu'.)

[Photo: Anemone canadensis.]I've been meaning to acquire this pretty native, Anemone canadensis, for a while. What a delight to find it volunteering in the garden!

[Photo: Dianthus chinensis 'Double Gaiety Mixed.']The annual dianthus I started from seed has just started blooming. (Dianthus chinensis 'Double Gaiety Mix'.)

[Photo: Antirrhinum majus 'Montego Scarlet'.]My son wanted this snapdragon because he loves making the flowers open their "mouths". (Antirrhinum majus 'Montego Scarlet'.)

[Photo: purple Aquilegia.]The aquilegia is winding down. I'm looking forward to lots of seeds.

[Photo: Erigeron annuus.]Another native volunteer just started blooming today! (Erigeron annuus).

[Photo: Phacelia parryi 'Royal Admiral'.]I sowed a whole packet of phacelia seeds but I seem to have only one plant, which also bloomed for the first time today. (Phacelia parryi 'Royal Admiral'.)

[Photo: Violas.]I really lucked out with the volunteer violas this year; I love the colours.

[Photo: Reseda odorata 'Mignon Finest Mix'.]This is the first time I've ever grown mignonette, a plant I had never seen in real life but which is supposed to be deliciously fragrant. It has started blooming, and I cannot smell it at all, nor can anyone else I've asked. Maybe it will acquire a scent when it's more mature? (Reseda odorata 'Mignon Finest Mix'.)


  1. Very nice pictures! The season has been kind of slow, hasn't it? I had the same feeling: that many plants weren't in bloom yet because it's been so cool for so long.

  2. That's quite an array of beautiful blooms, and in colors I LOVE!
    Your post reminds me that I need to build a window box at one of my rentals! Those Calibrachoa would look fantastic in it.

  3. I started a bunch of Erigeron compositus for my alpine garden. I see you have photographed various other types of Erigeron. I am hoping that mine isn't too invasive or weedy, since I know nearly nothing about Erigeron! I'm impressed that you have the variety names of nearly all the flowers you have photographed! Nice photos.


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