Friday, June 12, 2009

Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue'

[Photos: Impatiens walleriana Accent Lavender Blue.]Impatiens walleriana, known in English as "busy Lizzie" or "balsam" and in French as impatience, is a tender perennial native to east Africa, treated as an annual in Toronto gardens.

Although this cultivar is called 'Accent Lavender Blue', it doesn't look blue or even lavender to me, but pink. Stokes lists sixteen different colours in the 'Accent Series', so maybe they were just running out of names. (Although Stokes sells many varieties of impatiens seeds, I don't feel ready to try starting impatiens from seed yet. Somehow I've got the impression that it's very complicated. I got this plant at Mimi's Convenience, 1686 Danforth.)


  1. Rosemary, if you got this at Mimi's we must live practically around the corner from each other.

  2. I thought so! (I saw you mentioned Mimi's and some other local stores in your blog too.)


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