Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tragopogon dubius seed heads

Warning: this plant is considered a noxious weed in Ontario [Photo: Tragopogon dubius seedhead.]Tragopogon dubius, known in English as "western goatsbeard", "yellow goatsbeard", "meadow goatsbeard", "western salsify", "common salsify", or "wild oyster plant", and in French as salsifis majeur or salsifis douteux, is a biennial native to Europe. The flowers and seedheads are somewhat similar to those of the dandelion, but goatsbeard is much larger and the leaves are grass-like and clasp the stem.

Goatsbeard is considered a noxious weed under the Ontario Weed Control Act.

I photographed this plant in Almonte, in eastern Ontario.

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