Thursday, October 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, October 2009

It's definitely autumn now, and most of the flowering plants are either finished or on their last legs. Here are the brave hangers-on: [Photo: Antirrhinum majus.] Antirrhinum majus (snapdragon, muflier) volunteers in the front garden.

[Photo: Chrysanthemum sp.] Chrysanthemum sp. (chrysanthème), courtesy of my landlord.

[Photo: Helianthus annuus.] Helianthus annuus (sunflower, tournesol) volunteer.

[Photo: Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue.] Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue' (impatience).

[Photo: Lobularia maritima.]Lobularia maritima (alyssum, alysse odorante), volunteer offspring of 'Rosie O'Day'.

[Photo: Myosotis sp.]Cynoglossum sp. (forget-me-not, souvenez-vous-de-moi).

[Photo: Rudbeckia hirta.]Rudbeckia hirta (black-eyed Susan, rudbeckie dressée).

[Photo: Sutera cordata with Sedum spurium.]Sutera cordata (bacopa, bacopa) volunteer in the Sedum spurium (rock cress, orpin bâtard).

And here are some plants that are not blooming now but are looking pretty:

[Photo: Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrid'.]Heuchera 'Bressingham Hybrid' (coral bells, heuchère).

[Photo: Solidago canadensis gone to seed.]Solidago canadensis (Canada goldenrod, verge d'or du Canada).

[Photo: Tiarella cordifolia.]Tiarella cordifolia (foamflower, tiarelle cordifoliée).

[Photo: Waldsteinia fragaroides.]Waldsteinia fragaroides (barren strawberry, waldsteinie faux-fraisier).

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