Friday, October 16, 2009

Cyclamen hederifolium tubers

[Photo: Cyclamen hederifolium tubers.]

The plants I ordered from Veseys have arrived (except the phlox, which is back-ordered), so I have a busy weekend ahead!

You can see that one of these tubers seems to have sprouted already. I do hope it will be okay.

Cyclamens are sometimes wild-collected for the horticultural trade, and some species have become endangered because of this. So when you buy cyclamens, make sure that they are nursery propagated!


  1. Good luck with the cyclamens. I've been meaning to plant these for years, and now with a garden makeover brewing I might have the chance. What appeals is that they are supposed to thrive in dry shade, but I wonder how they'll compete with the maple roots. What conditions are you planting yours in?

  2. Cyclamen are easy to grow from seed and are fascinating from the moment they germinate. They are extremely variable and no two plants are alike. My seed came from the U.K. Cyclamen Soc. and I have been able to raise some lovely plants in both flower and foliage. They are now 4 years old and looking really good. I have some spare plants to give away if anyone is interested.

  3. Hi there! I'm amazed that cyclamens can survive outdoors in Toronto! Or are they being grown indoors? We do have lots growing outdoors here in Vancouver.

  4. They're supposed to be hardy in our zone, though I haven't seen them in anyone else's garden in Toronto.

  5. I've seen them (C.hedrafolium and C.coum) growing in a garden in the Hockley Valley, way north of Toronto, probably around zone 4. They do need good snow cover up there in order to survive.

  6. Thanks, Barry, that's good to know.


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