Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tradescantia ohiensis: flowers

[Photo: Tradescantia ohiensis flowers.]Tradescantia ohiensis, known in English as "bluejacket", "Ohio spiderwort", or "snotweed", and in French as tradescantia de l’Ohio, is a perennial native to much of eastern North America.

Unfortunately, my attempt to grow spiderwort (and a bunch of other natives) from seed was a flop. I learned the hard way that peat pellets are not the way to go; I sowed them and put them outside in the winter to cold moist stratify the seeds, but I find they are impossible to keep moist outside.

This beautiful plant was growing in a neighbourhood garden. The flowers are larger and even prettier than I expected. I still have some seeds left so I'm going to try again next year (I figure it's the wrong time of year to start now.)

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