Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caltha palustris: flowers

[Photos: Caltha palustris flowers.]Caltha palustris, known in English as "marsh marigold" or "kingcup", and in French as caltha de marais, souci d'eau, souci de marais, or populage de marais, is a perennial native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

It's been decades since I've seen marsh marigold in real life. I was thrilled to see these gorgeous flowers at Wilket Creek Park.


  1. Rosemary, have you ever heard of marsh marigolds being invasive? I saw a Google search in my web stats the other day that seemed to suggest this. I love them myself, and remember seeing them wild beside creeks and ponds when we were kids.

  2. To me, an invasive species is not only an agressive grower but one that is not native to the area. So to my way of thinking marsh marigold cannot be invasive here, in its native range, though it could be invasive elsewhere. However, I realize that some people consider some very vigorous native plants invasive.

    I tried googling around myself briefly. I couldn't find any evidence that marsh marigold is invasive, though I didn't do the most thorough search. There is a similar-looking plant, lesser celandine, which is considered invasive though.


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