Saturday, May 30, 2009

Geranium robertianum: foliage, flowers, and unripe seedpods

Last year I cheated and included a photo of this pretty native taken outside of Toronto (in my hometown of Almonte in eastern Ontario). I was so happy to discover it growing in a flowerbed at East Lynn Park (on the Danforth near Woodbine) (surrounded by invasive Vinca minor, alas).


  1. Rosemary, I think you might find that Herb Robert is naturalized, not native.

    It is a pretty little flower, and I've seen it growing quite happily on Toronto Island, where the lower water table makes it content. Have to pop over to East Lynn Park to see if I can snag some seed. I'd like to try to establish it in a corner somewhere, as I'm always looking for plants with family names, and I'm married to a Robert.

  2. Different sources give different native ranges for Geranium robertianum, USDA's PLANTS database says it's native here.

  3. Yes, it's hard to say for sure. That seems to be the bottom line in the species account link near the end of the page you linked to, which takes you to contradictory or at least ambiguous info elsewhere in the USDA database. Still, I wouldn't put it in the same "proudly native" category in which I'd class a trillium, for instance.

    I still like it as a plant. I've read that it's stinky, though. Have you experienced that?

  4. I've read it's stinky too, but I've never smelled it myself.


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