Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, April 2010

This bloom day we're enjoying lots of different blooms in our garden!

Native plants

[Photo: Waldsteinia fragaroides.]Waldsteinia fragaroides (barren strawberry, waldsteinie faux-fraisier). I have fond memories of this plant from my childhood surrounded by the forest in eastern Ontario. Barren strawberries formed big patches a few metres across, even in heavy shade as I recall. [Photo: Mertensia virginica buds starting to open.]Mertensia virginica (Virginia bluebells, mertensie de Virginie). This is the first year we've had Virginia bluebells in our garden. I'd read about the buds turning from pink to blue as they open, but this is the first time I've seen it. I love the colours!

Other plants

[Photo: Chionodoxa forbesii.]Chionodoxa forbesii (glory of the snow, gloire des neiges) [Photo:  pink Hyacinthus orientalis.]Hyacinthus orientalis (hyacinth, jacinthe) [Photo: Lamprocapnos spectabilis.]Lamprocapnos spectabilis (bleeding heart, coeur-saignant) (apparently the scientific name has been changed). [Photo: Tulipa tarda.]Tulipa tarda (tarda tulip, tulipe tarda) [Photo: red Tulip.]Tulipa (tulip, tulipe). I don't know where this tulip and the one below came from—gifts from the squirrels, perhaps? [Photo: red and yellow tulip.]

Check out what's blooming in gardens around the world, and link to your own blog, for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Thanks to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for hosting!


  1. I can smell the hyacinths! :D :D

    Lovely natives ...

  2. Nice to see what grows in gardens that are within the GTA. I was in the city a couploe of weeks ago and was surprised how much further you were than we. Valerie

  3. I just saw Tulip tardas on Gardening With Soule and said I didn't know what they were. They are so cute; I need some for my garden.

  4. I have gotten a few things from the squirrels. I guess they are better than the rabbits - even if they do dig up some of my things, they sometimes leave me gift - the rabbits try to eat up everything and only leave me round fertilizer pellets in return. Fertilizer is not much use for dead plants.

    Those gifted tulips look like Oxford Elite.

  5. I love the Tulipa tarda. I hear they naturalize well. I'm planning some space this fall for their bulbs.

  6. Those bluebells are adorable! Love the electric blue color...

  7. Hey, Rosemary, Love your tardas! My mertensia bit the dust this year. Must plant more.

    Guess what! My herb robert self-seeded. Had to rush over when I realized what it was, as I knew you'd appreciate it. Hoping for many generations of offspring.

    Happy spring. Hope we get some rain this weekend.

  8. I have a lot your same bloomers in my garden. Hope you have a wonderful day and happy gardening.


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