Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, September 2009

Here's what's blooming in our garden today:


  • Amaranthus tuberculatus (rough-fruit amaranth, amarante tuberculée)
  • Conyza canadensis (horseweed, vergerette du Canada)
  • Oxalis stricta (wood sorrel, oxalide) [Photo: Rudbeckia hirta and Tagetes tenuifolia 'Lulu'.]
  • Rudbeckia hirta (black-eyed Susan, rudbeckie dressée)
  • Solidago canadensis (goldenrod, verge d'or)


  • Callibrachoa
  • Campanula rapunculoides (creepy bellflower, campanule fausse raiponce)
  • Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower, echinacée pourpre) [Photo: Helianthus annuus.]
  • Helianthus annuus (sunflower, tournesol) [Photo: Heliotropium arborescens 'Fragrant Delight'.]
  • Heliotropium arborescens 'Fragrant Delight' (heliotrope, héliotrope) [Photo: Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue'.]
  • Impatiens walleriana 'Accent Lavender Blue' (impatiens, impatience)
  • Ipomoea tricolor 'Heavenly Blue'
  • Lobularia maritima (alyssum, alysson)
  • Mentha sp. (mint, menthe) [Photo: Petunia 'Sanguna Lavender Vein']
  • Petunia 'Sanguna Lavender Vein' (shown) and others [Photo: Sutera cordata.]
  • Sutera cordata (bacopa, sutera cordée)
  • Tagetes tenuifolia 'Lulu' (signet marigold, tagète tachée) (shown in photo above with black-eyed Susan) [Photo: Tropeolum majus 'Jewel Mix'.]
  • Tropeolum majus (nasturtium capucine)
  • Verbena [Photo: Viola x wittrockiana 'Delta Pure Rose']
  • Viola × wittrockiana 'Delta Pure Rose' (pansy, pensée) [Photo: Zinnia elegans 'Polar Bear'.]
  • Zinnia elegans 'Polar Bear'

Not bloooms, but still nice

    [Photo: Taxus sp.]
  • Taxus sp. (yew, if) [Photo: Vitis sp. fruit.]
  • Vitis sp. (grape, raisin)

Visit May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming elsewhere for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


  1. Amaranthus tuberculatus: amarante tuberculée!

    see this adress:

    from the latin name you get the standard french name (if the plant is present in Québec!)

  2. Heliotope looks so nice, but I'm not sure it would grow here. I just started harvesting my grapes. I already have 10 pints of jam! Much better than the stuff you get in the stores.

  3. Hey you have a lotta nice blooms here! I especially love the heliotrope - and isn't the smell amazing?! The Susans and nasturtium are really pretty, too.

    You asked about my "dancing snake" gourd seeds. I got them from either Johnny's or Baker Creek. I'll probably order some more if I see them - I cut up a gourd to taste it and it's a lot like cucumber!


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